Movio Brand Guide

In early 2019, as Movio was undergoing a period of growth and rebranding, I took on the task of developing a comprehensive digital platform to showcase everything related to the Movio brand. The ultimate goal was to create a cohesive guide that would serve as a go-to resource for all things Movio.

The guide offers an in-depth exploration of Movio's five core brand elements: logo, colour palette, photography style, typography, and tone of voice. Each element is carefully presented, providing clear and concise guidance for how it should be used to ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints. The digital platform we created serves as a valuable tool for everyone within the organisation, from designers and marketers to sales teams and beyond. With a clear understanding of the brand's visual and verbal identity, we can ensure that all Movio communications are aligned with the brand's core values, resulting in a strong and recognisable brand identity that resonates with customers and stakeholders alike.

See live website at brand.movio.co and read more about the process of building it at movio.co/blog/designing-a-movio-brand-experience

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Flat design of Fonts page on Movio Brand Guide
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